Ink Spot Website Creator

The Ink Spot Website Creator was created with two things in mind: Ease of use and Budget.

So I set out to create a package which you could use to create your own, unique website in less than an hour!

To hire a web developer to create a web site with a Photo Gallery, News section, and Comment Board can cost thousands of dollars.  Not only that, but every time you wish to make a change to the text on your site, you are required to pay an hourly rate for the changes.

Ink Spot Website Creator puts you in control!

The Ink Spot Website Creator uses a WYSIWYG editor, which gives you control of the content on your web site.  If you've ever used any type of word processor, you'll recognize many of the same features.  You can change the size of your text, your font, create bold and italic text, even change the colors.  Creating links to other pages is quick and simple.  Also, you will be able to insert images, and even video!  For those more adventurous, you may wish to explore the various advanced formatting options available.  And, say you know a little HTML or javascript, you can even enter your own code through the editor.

While web designers charge a fee for each new page added to the site, you can add as many pages as you like with a click of a button.

Ink Spot Website Creator comes with some of the most popular features you'll find on most web sites.  Again, it's as simple as selecting from a pulldown menu if you'd like to add a Photo Gallery, News Section with RSS feed or Comment Board to your site.  Future versions of this product will include more add-on modules such as a Shopping Cart and more.

Also, if you like, there are already simple cut and paste boxes set up into which you have the option to place Google Ads (or any other type of advertising) for those of you looking to make a little extra cash from your web site.

And finally, if you decide that you wish to expand the functionality of your website, as a professional web developer I am available to implement whatever needs you may have.

Feel free to try the free demo or find out more about how it works

created using Ink Spot Website Creator - by Motmot Studios