Live Demo

Before purchasing this product, if you like you can take it for a test drive.  You'll have all the capability of the purchased package, so feel free to add a photo gallery, or message board, or news area, change the colors of the site, upload your own banner, edit the pages.  Go wild!

Test Drive
Click the above link to get into the Demo.  Then, after you're on the Test Drive site, to access the administrator controls click the Log In link on the upper right and log in using:

username: admin
password: testdrive
There is a "Help" link on the admin menu to help you get started.

Please Note: The Test Drive is a place where you can test out all the features of the site.  This means that someone before you may have made some changes while experimenting.  Please report if there is any obscene content on the Test Drive site.  The Test Drive will be monitored periodically and the content will be reset from time to time.

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