More Details

Future Additions

The Ink Spot Website Creator will continue to develop, bringing more features to you with each version.

Some of these include:
  • Shopping cart with easy linking to PayPal
  • Premade banner options
  • Enhanced security
  • The ability to ban users
  • More preset Color Schemes and background images
  • Additional layout/template options
  • Sub-menus
  • Horizontal menus
  • Photo Gallery Categories
  • Enhancement for search engines
  • Zen Cart integration
  • PHPBB integration

Setting it up

At this time there is no self-install as the initial setup of any Content Management System is more complicated than many people want to get involved with.  For this reason, I set it all up for you.  Once it's ready, I let you know and you're ready to get started!

Technical Requirements:

Ink Spot Website Creator is built using PHP and MySQL.  To use it, your server must run MySQL version 4.1 or later, and PHP version 5.0 or later.  For automatic image resizing to function properly, the GD2 graphics manipulation package must also be installed.  Depending on how your mail system is set up, this may require some customization if you are to use the Contact form.

If all this doesn't make much sense to you, don't worry, I can help you out. has hosting packages for under $10/month and is one of many companies which can provide everything you'll need to set up this package.


The idea behind this is to provide a web site for significantly cheaper than hiring a web developer.  Prices start at only $399!  Discounts available.  Please contact me for more pricing details based on the following options:

1) Basic Install: Package installed on your own server with all the features of the Test Drive.
2) Install with Logo Design: Package installation with a unique banner/logo design created to your specifications.

3) Install with Template Design Integration: Package installation with the integration of a site design provided by your or a designer.

4) Install with Custom Template Design: Package installation with a unique site design created to your specifications.

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